Department of Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES)


Sustainable energyis the form of energy obtained from non-exhaustible resources, such that the provision of this form of energy serves the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Technologies that promotesustainableenergy includerenewable energysources, such ashydroelectricity,solar energy,wind energy,wave power,geothermal energy,bioenergy,tidal powerand also technologies designed to improveenergy efficiency. Costs have fallen dramatically in recent years, and continue to fall. Most of these technologies are either economically competitive or close to being so. Renewable energy is derived from natural processes. It has various forms and can be derived directly from the sun, or from heat generated deep within the earth. There are electricity and heat energy generated from the renewable energy resources.


Mission and Vision of Sustainable Energy Solution Department (SES) in GreEnMatech Company

1. Considering the removal of governmental subsidies and the increase in prices of various energies such as electricity, the Iranian governments highly encourages and supports activities regarding the production of energy from alternative sources such as solar energy as a country that receives a vast amount of sunlight on a daily basis. The Iranian government has also started to facilitate the financial and legal procedures related to this field by, for example, defining and offering a high number of loans to the companies involved.

2. The market concerning this business is very expansive and intact in many regions. Moreover, several points should be mentioned about this market:

a- With regards to urban buildings such as residential apartments in a dense and crowded metropolis such as Tehran (with a population of 12 millions) and considering the increase in electricity prices, the huge market for alternative energy can be self-evident. (it should be noted that Tehran has many regions with aging structures and because of the likelihood's of an earthquake, the government pays special attention to the safety of these regions by fortifying them).

b- The next market involves a diverse stratum of industries that rely heavily on the use of industrial electricity and thus demanding much higher cost compared to residential usage.

c- In relation to the agriculture industry water wells are of high importance, because in the past, the wells were utilized through gasoline pumps, due to the low price of gasoline compared to electricity. Despite the low cost of gasoline, the agriculture and oil ministries decided to implement electrical pumping systems in agricultural lands by offering low cost facilities such as subsidized loans. Therefore considering the current high prices of electricity the use of alternative sources of energy such as solar energy is very much justified in terms of economics.

At last, our plans involves marketing the usage of alternative sources of energy and the related products, creating connections with banks with the purpose of obtaining beneficial loans and having dialogues with responsible governmental officials for justifying the usage of solar and wind energy products and other related activities.

It should be noted that our company has the crucial experience and the necessary facilities with regards to conducting all the aforementioned activities.

However, long term mission and vision of sustainable energy solution are as the follows:

- The main mission of Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) is to offer consultation, design and implementation services of all energy systems for domestic, industrial, agricultural and lighting industries in the field of energy in order to reduce green-house emission and global warming.

- The vision of Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) is to achieve self-sufficiency peaks in the service of renewable energy in order to meet the challenge of energy in the world in current century and also has contribution to supply lack of an additional 30 TW of energy which needed by mid-21st century in the world.