Natural Resources Management Department (NRM)

The GreEnMaTech Department of Natural Resources Management (NRM) is responsible for establishing guidelines for management of environment. NRM activities cover an area including the Agriculture, Natural Resources Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Waste Management & Recycling, Food Industries, and Biological Engineering. Our services could be classified as; Consulting, Engineering Services, Contracting & Commissioning, Training, Trading, Research & Development Services, Investment & Joint Venture, and Manufacturing.

According to above mentioned targets, NRM planned to be a leading company in the international market based on its skilled and motivated employees. Knowledge is our most important raw material and we make every effort to cultivate it. By relying on its engineering experts and their deep insight and technical expertise gained in European and North American universities, this department has entered the field of national competition in compliance with the two key factors of offering proper quality based on the international standards and competitive prices with the intent of guaranteeing a better future for the Human.

NRM is also associated with a network of institutions, universities and companies over the world, to produce leading edge products and services. The network provides a unique and collaborative access to the integrated research and analytical services, products and process for small and large scale processing equipment and units, manufacturing facilities, training, and other business and regulatory supports.