Department of Materials, Devices and Systems (MDS) 


Materials, Devices and Systems (MDS) department is one of the main departments of GreEnMaTech company which was founded in 2014, with its present headquarters located in Germany. MDS is a science based type and full-functional engineering with import and export licenses, through the Europe and working with middle-east and CIS area.

Comprehensive engineering experts in the fields of materials, devices and systems makes MDS to seek every opportunity to render best services to the customers.

All-round and good services come from the high level professionals with a variety of disciplines and well-structured organization. Among all employees, most of them are professionals and, senior engineers.

We cooperate extensively and maintain close relationships with more than 10 licensors and world famous engineering companies & contractors in the countries such as the Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, etc. We stand for the firm commission to revitalize the national industry, and unceasingly develop new technology of our own.

MDS is categorized as two main sections: 1. Materials 2. Devices and Systems.