About us

GreEnMaTech is a German based private company leading research and industrial projects via great scientific and technical staff linked to the top German and European research institutes, universities and industrial centers for novel energy systems and advanced material processes, recycling, saving, management and transport, required for a better life, however with less irreversible environmental pollution and damages according to the sustainable development concerns. Therefore development of novel technologies and innovations for new materials, devices and energy resources required for sustainable development considering local and global issues are also among our main focus.


Vision & Mission statement:

To use, develop and transfer advanced science and technologies internationally along with valuable traditional human’s knowledge and experiences for material and energy production, conversion, management and transport required for a better life however with less irreversible environmental pollution and damage as possible as. Also development of novel technologies and innovations for new materials, devices and energy resources required for sustainable development from local and global view of points.


Business concept:

We are a contract research, processing, engineering and analytical services company that provide specialized services to the companies, organizations and entrepreneurs for this purpose for the following practical fields:

Material and Energy Resource Management

Energy Systems Development, Optimization and Saving

Renewable Energy Technologies Development (Solar, Wind, Thermal, Waves, Biomass, WTE)

Chemical and Nano-Bio Technologies Development

Agricultural Science and Technologies Development

Environmental Science and Technologies Development

Mining and Metallurgy Technologies Development

Medicine and Health Technologies Development

Materials, Devices and System Technologies Development

Food Industries


GreEnMaTech is also associated with a network of institutions, universities and companies over the world, to produce leading edge products and services. The network provides a unique and collaborative access to the integrated research, engineering services and analytical services, products and process for small and large scale processing equipment and units, manufacturing facilities, training, and other business and regulatory supports. In summary, the GreEnMaTech network provides world class knowledge, technologies, expertise and infrastructures, efficiently and fast for your requirements.


Products & Services:

In addition to the basic technology transfer as the form of industrial units, instruments and laboratory facilities including scientific, technical and marketing supports and consultancy, we provide also the following complementary services in this direction:

Training and Networking via international courses, workshops and conferences.

Joint research projects with universities, research institutes and industrial centers.

Consultations on project proposals

Developing new technologies

Referral assistance to professionals

Co-generation and joint projects

R&D section promotion according to your special requirements

Procurement and marketing of materials, lab and industries equipment

Environmental, social and cultural programs considering sustainable development